Follow Santa Barbara’s FMLYBND into their reverie. With a sincere dedication to reshaping electronic music with their grunge influences, the band has their sights set on horizons beyond their beach haven. Since the debut of their 2014 EP and their hit “Come Alive,” which has already been featured on FIFA 15, FMLYBND only wants to keep on churning unfiltered, danceable anthems. Visit their SoundCloud to keep up with their prolific endeavors.

But FMLYBND delivers much more than just lush synths and ethereal vocals: the band brims with unparalleled electrifying energy on stage. Hot off their latest release "Hearts on Fire", the band is bringing their raw, vivid performances to the west coast on the "Make America Dance Again" tour this spring with Olivver the kid and Dark Waves.

Click here to listen to FMLYBND's single "Electricity," which hit #1 on the Hype Machine Popular Charts twice. Follow FMLYBND on their socials for more updates!